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零距离美语会话[职业]Lesson 2:Have you ever bought any insurance


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Two   Have you ever bought any insurance?

A  Many more people buy insuranceAmerica thanChina.  One reasonthat Americans have more carsthey must get car insurance.  There are different kindsinsurance polices. Collision insurance,cheapest, only paysdamageyour car. Other kindsinsurance, which are more expensive, paygreater typesdamagemore typesaccidents. Normally,person who causesaccident must use their own insurancepaydamageother people.

B  Also many jobs come with insurance.  Most employers provide very basic life insuranceall their employees.  Somethem also provide health insurance, thoughcostdeducted fromemployees’ regular salary.  The costgroup insurancecheapermore people there arethe group.

 2   Sample Sentences
.  The insurance policy protects you against injury.
2. foundjob selling insurance.
3.  My husband worksinsurance.
4.  He has $00,000 life insurance, whichwife will receive if he dies first.
5.  My friend triedpersuade me into buying insurancemy son.
6.  We offer dentalhealth insurance that covers every memberthe family.
7.  Doctors acrosscountry are quitting their jobs because they can't afford malpractice insurance.
8.   Health care insurance premiums are climbing.
9.  do not worry about having insuranceevery potential problem.
0.  In my state, itrequired that you have driver’s insuranceyour car.

 3   Conversations
.  Life insurance salesman.
Man:  Good afternoon Miss, would you be interestedbuying more life insurance?  You know, you can never get enough.
Miss: think my husband has some.
Man:  Are you sure he’s purchased enough insurancebothyou?  If something terrible happened with your husband,he doesn’t have sufficient insurance, my company does havepolicy that could cover youyour husband if something happenedeitheryou.
Miss:  That’s true.  If something happenedmy husband,might lose everything.  Bothus haveworkkeep our home, car,our children’s education. can’t afford that by myself.
Man:  Could we sitlook atpolicymentionedsee if that’s something suitableyouyour husband?
Miss:  Certainly.

2.  Car insurance.  A client just had an accident.
Client:  That wasbeautiful car.  It’snew car, but it’s totaled2.
Agent:  Well, your insurance covers sufficient moneyreplace it.  So you don’t needworry.
Client: don’t thinkcould afford that kindcar again. think I’ll havechoose something thatnot as hardreplace.
Agent:  Since you are notone who causedaccident, your insurance cost should besame.
Client:  What will happen ifchosesmaller car?  Wouldpayments besame?
Agent:  If you gotsmaller car,cost should belittle less dependingthe model, age,size.  Would you still want full coverage3?
Client:  Yes.

3.  Employment benefits.
A:  Hey, Frank.heard you gotnew job.
B:  Yeah, Judy.will be workingthe Post Office. It’s notbad job.
A:  Istrue that you haveheavy work schedule?
B:  That’s right.reportwork at 5:00 am everyday, andonly get 45 minuteslunch.
A:  So, why did you applysuchdemanding4 job?
B:  Well,government offers its employees excellent health insurance benefits.
A:  Oh,see. And can your family utilize5health insurance, too?
B:  Yeah, that’sbest part. Allmy children can get free medical care6.
A:  That’sgreat employment benefit!
B:  Now you know whywantedworkthe Post Office!
——。 我每天早5点钟去班,中午只45分钟时间吃饭。


 4   WordsExpressions
. sufficient  足够,充分
2. total 【俚】使完全毁坏
3. full coverage  全额保险,完全承保
4. demanding 使人吃力;高要求
5. utilize 利用
6. medical care    医疗护理



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