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[信仰]Lesson 2:Do you believe in palmistry?


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Two    Do you believepalmistry?


A    In America, thirteenconsideredbesuperstitious number.  So some buildings don’t havethirteenth floor, instead, they go fromtwelfththe fourteenth floor.  Some house door numbers are like that as well.

B    Whenladderpropped againstwall, itsupposedbe bad luckwalk underneath it.

C    At Halloween, people usually placecarved pumpkin withcandle inside andscary face carvedit, outside their front doors.  Itmeantfrighten off evil spirits.

 2    Sample Sentences
.   Numerous devout menwomen are kowtowingpraying.
2.   She would be interestedhaving her fortune told.
3.  believe they were fatedbe married.
4.   You should goan astrologerhave your horoscope read.
5.   You can get someonetell your fortune overphone.
6.  believe forbusinesssucceed,haspay tributeBuddha.
7.   How much would you paygenuine peacemind?
8.  believe that two people sharingpear are not good.
9.   Are you superstitious? guessamfatalist.
0.  While many college students felturgepush their beliefstheir friends, they also recognizedmight not bemost helpful thing atmoment.

 3    Conversations
.   A funny story about ghosts.
Ruth:  So, Jack, do you believeghosts? 
Jack:  No, not really.  Why do you ask? 
Ruth:  Becausewanttell you abouttime thatsawghost.
Jack:  You sawghost?  When?
Ruth:  It was many years ago, whenwaslittle child.  It wasmiddlethe night, andwentgetdrinkwater fromkitchen. walked outmy roomwas attopthe stairs, when… 
Jack:  So that's where you sawghost?  In your house?  What didlook like?  Washideous
Ruth:  It wasbig, green thing that looked likeperson.  It wasthe kitchen, andslowly moved towardsstairs… 
Jack:  So what did you do? 
Ruth: hid so thatcouldn't see me.  Slowlygot closercloser, until ……
Jack:  Until what?  What happened?  Did you seeclearly?  Didattack you?
Ruth:  It moved slowly upstairs, step by step, andcould hear its approaching2 footsteps.  Whenfinally gotthe topthe stairs,realized thatwas my fatherhis green pajamas.  He had gonegetlate night snack.



2.  Palmistry.
Janice:  So do you believepalmistry3? 
Margaret:  Palmistry?  Whatthat?
Janice:  It's when someone takeslook at another person's palm4tellfuture.
Margaret:  Oh, you mean palm reading5.  I've seen that before, butdon't believeit.
Janice:  Are you sure?  I've readlot about palmistryI've been abletelllotaccurate things aboutperson frompalm.  Do you want metakelook at your hand? 
Margaret:  Really?  You've read books about it?  Ok, then.  But only if you want to.
Janice:  Ok, let's see, well, you've gotlong life line, whichgood,the love linestrong ……
Margaret:  What else do you see?  Willbe successful?  Willmakelotmoney?
Janice:  Hmm, hardsay, wait, yes,looks like you will do wellbusiness,your ambition will help youlot, but …… 
Margaret:  What?  Whatit?  What'smatter?
Janice:  You seemhavelarge gullibility 6 line.  You believe everything that you're told. 
Margaret:  Hey!

Helpful Information:
The most accurate statement about palm readingthat people believe what they wantbelieve. 


3.  Thirteen peopleFriday.
David:  Ok, so who are we goinginviteour dinner party? 
Sue:  Well, we haveThompsons,Greens,the Andersons, about twelve people total. 
David:  Don't forget my friend Andy fromoffice.  He has nothingdoFriday, soinvited him over.
Sue:  But that makes thirteen people!  We can't have thirteen peopledinnerFriday!
David:  Why can't we?
Sue:  It's an old superstition7.  If we have thirteen people attable, thenmeans bad luck.  Can Andy bringdate? 
David:  I'm not sure.  He just broke up withgirlfriend recently, anddon't think he'sthe moodstart again so soon. 
Sue:  But we can't have thirteendinner!
David: think you're makingmountain outa molehill8.  It's onlysuperstition.  It really doesn't mean anything.
Sue:  Absolutely not! refusehave thirteen peopledinnerFriday! 
David:  Ok, ok.  I'll ask my sistercome.  That way we'll have fourteendinner.
Sue:  That's better. 

Helpful Information:
If something bad happensa particular day, people havetendencyassociate that day withnegative event.  The same goesFriday3th, so if something bad happensFriday the3th, people blame itthe day.  On Friday3th, some people are so superstitious that they go as far asrefuseleavehouse.  Asme, I’ve always had good luckFriday3th.  It’s really all about what you believemost, sochoosebelieve that Friday3thmy good luck day.



4.  Horoscope.
Ben:  Hey, what's new?
Kitty:  Not much.  Just sitting here eating some Chinese food.  Is thatpaper?  Why don't you openand tell me my horoscope9?
Ben:  Ok, waitminute … let's see.  I'mTaurus, andsays, “Marsinthird house, andsooneclipse Venus”. don't know what that means, but thensays, “Your charmdrive will win others overyour waythinking.  Rememberbe positive.”  Sounds goodme.
Kitty:  What about Gemini?  What'sprediction? 
Ben:   “Since Mercury0 has crossed paths with Jupiter, your fortunes are falling.  Bad luck will follow you today,you will lose that which you value.  Be careful.”
Kitty:  That sounds bad!  I'm really worried, what shoulddo?  Maybeshould go homestaythe restthe day. 
Ben:  But we havedate tonight!  You can't stay at home becausea stupid horoscope. 
Kitty:  But those things are dangerous!  I'm not going out ifmeans bad luck.
Ben:  That's silly.  They don't mean anything.  Here, give me onethose fortune cookies you're eating.  Let's see whatsays.  “Sunshine will follow your feet if you let it.”  See, that sounds goodme.  It's ridiculous2lethoroscope control your life.
Kitty: don't know.  I've had days that seemfit with my horoscope's predictions, but then there are days thatdoesn't work. really don't know.
Ben:  Does this mean we're stillfor tonight?
Kitty: guess so. 
Ben:  Good. 

——好,等会儿……让我看下。我金牛座,面说,“火星在第三座房子里,很快将吃掉金星。”我知道这什么意思,但面还说,“别人因为你魅力和推动力也会转到你思维方式来。记住要积极些。” 我看很好。
——那样做愚蠢。它们没任何意义。 喂,把你要吃那些签饼给我。看它说什么。“如果你愿意,阳光将跟随着你脚步。”看到吗,我看挺好。让星象控制你生活真荒谬。

5.  The Missing Floor
Some Russian students are spending their summerPhiladelphia, visiting historic sights.  They are checking intohotel.
Boris:  We'd likeroom with two beds, please.
Clerk:  A double?  Let's see ...can put youroom 405.  It facesriverhaswonderful view. 
Alexis:  That will be fine.  Since we're goingbe fourteen stories aboveground,think we should definitely haveroom withview. (Later, Alexis returns fromwalk.)
Alexis:  Boris,saw you sitting outthe balconyour room. could see you fromstreet. 
Boris:  That's quitedistance.  How could you tell whowas?
Alexis: recognized your bright red shirt.  But there's something strange.  We'reroom 405, right?  Well, whensaw youthe balcony,counted upward. only gotthirteen.  We'rethe thirteenth floor.
Boris:   No, I'm sure we'rethe fourteenth floor.  The desk clerk said so.
Alexis: know!  I'll look outwindowcount downward. (She counts.) still say we're only thirteen stories up.



 4    WordsExpressions
. hideous  [493;544;545;540;545;509;555;] 丑陋; 可怕; 骇人听闻
2. approach  [509;493;552;554;509;557;556;50;] 接近, 靠近
3. palmistry  [493;552;506;498;549;545;555;556;554;545;] 手相术
4. palm  [552;506;498;549;] 手掌, 手心
5. palm reading   看手相
6. gullibility   [495;543;52;548;53;493;538;53;548;53;556;53;] 易受欺骗
7. superstition  [495;555;546;557;498;552;509;493;555;556;545;50;509;550;] 迷信; 迷信行为
8. molehill  [493;549;509;557;548;544;545;548;] 鼹鼠丘(因鼹鼠打洞而鼓起土堆)
9. horoscope  [493;544;507;554;509;555;547;509;557;552;] 占星术; 星象(算命)
0. Mercury  [493;549;509;498;547;546;557;554;545;] 水银, 汞
. fortune cookie   签饼
2. ridiculous  [554;545;493;540;545;547;546;557;548;509;555;] 可笑, 荒谬; 滑稽




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