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Lesson 6:A shouting match


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Six   A shouting match?

A   American humor often confusesChinese.  The American sensethe comedicquite different fromChinese.  When Americans telljokethe Chinese,lookspuzzlement are simply golden.  Likewise Chinese humorjust as greatmysteryAmericans.

B   Americans have this expression: “It’s goodhavesensehumor about life.” This generally means ithelpfulrefrain from anger or despair when your situationdifficult.

 2    Sample Sentences
.   trymaintainrobust sensehumor.
2.    They always trymake funme.
3.    We likejoke about such things. 
4.    You will be so popular hereAmerica, because you are so much MORE beautiful thangirlssee here.  No kidding!
5.    Henotgood-looking guy, but he’s very funny.
6.    Hevery humorous.  He always makes me laugh.
7.    The situationshave encountered certainly defy my imagination,deservegood laugh.
8.   don’t seehumorit.
9.    You know Tinakindslow; she didn’t getat first.
0.   Oh, my gosh! It’s unbelievable.
   噢,天啦! 简直无法相信。

 3    Conversations
.  A Chinese woman, Helen,chatting at her home with her American single friend, Sam, who just answeredmobile phone.
Helen:  Do you haveleave soon?
Sam:  No.  Actuallycan stay longer.  Dave (his boss) calledsay that therea beautiful Chinese girl who’s goingpick me up atschool gate tonight at 0:30 instead8:30.
Helen:  Oh, that’s better.  So you don’t haverush.
Sam:  Yeah.  You know what Dave just said?
Helen:  What?
Sam:  He saidshould putsomething very nice, because this girl will be my next target.
Helen:   (smiling) He knows you very well.
Sam:  He always makes funme.  He always says things like that.  You knownew coming teacher,Chinese Canadian.  He said she would really be my chance.
Helen:  I’m sure you have chances everywhere.  You’re handsome, talkative2,gotsensehumor.  You must be very popular.
Sam:  No, you’re kidding.  I’m not takingseriously.
——(微笑) 他真解你。
——他老开我玩笑。他老说些那样话。你知道这位新来老师,中国加拿大人。 他说她将会我真正机会。

2.   Joseph, an American guy, cameGuangzhou recently.  Hetalkinghis Chinese friend aboutexperience here.
Julia:  You have been herehow long?  Four months now?
Joseph:  Yeah, about.
Julia:  Do you know Chinese better now? 
Joseph:  Oh, definitely. remember, whenfirst arrivedGuangzhou, my girlfriend was haggling3 withsales clerk overpricea mobile phone.
Julia:  Oh, yeah.  Many Chinese likebargain.  It happens almost everywhere.
Joseph: mean,understand that.  Butspeedthe conversation got fasterfaster, untilseemedme that they would fight.  My perception4the tone was thatwasviolent shouting match5.  The truth was thatwasperfectly normal conversation.
Julia:   (laughing) A shouting match?  You’re so funny.  You must be exaggerating6. don’t believe it.
Joseph: am not exaggerating at all.  I’m telling youtruth.  That was howfelt at that time.
Julia:  Yes, perhaps.  Chinese usually don’t notice that sortthing.  Maybe it’s quite natural7us.
Joseph:  Yes, absolutely true.


3.  Justina tall American guy workingChina.  Right now he’s talkinghis Chinese colleague aboutcity bus.
Lynne:  Do you takebusand from8 work?
Justin:  Yeah, everyday.  And there’s only one choice.   Allother buses are goingother direction.
Lynne:  Hmm. havesame problem.  Whenleave work, it’s always rush hour9.  Sobuses are always crowded.
Justin:  Oh, yeah, it’s terrible. will tell youfunniest thinghave seenChina.  It’s when so many people tryget onto one city bus,the last guysqueezed in0 so tight thatdoortightly pressed againstbutt.
Lynne:  That sounds terribleway you describe it. But you know, not long agoreally sufferedthe bus.
Justin:  What happened?  Were you havinghard time gettinga bus?
Lynne:  You just can’t imagine! waitedthe first bus butwas too full, sowaitedthe second, andwas still very crowded.  Thendecided notwaitthe next one,gotthe second bus.  It was so full thathadstandone foot!   No kidding!
Justin:  Hmm.  Good exercise, uh?
Lynne:  Yeah, absolutely!
Justin:  And it’s so much fun.  One day,bodies were so tightly packed that some girl’s behind was pressed against my front. was afraidput my hands downfear of2 accidentally groping3 her.
Lynne:  You were so happy, weren’t you?
Justin:  What do you think?  I’mgood boy.

4.   An American guyhaving lunch with two Chinese women. 
Robert:  You know,don’t quite understandChinese criterion4beauty. mean,asked some Chinese guys who had seen my girlfriend. asked them, “Isn’t she beautiful?” They were looking at me with eyes wide open, like …and they even wondered howthe worldcould ever have fallenlove with her!
Amy: understand. I’ve heard quitefew people say that most Chinese women that foreigners have chosen are not pretty at all. know I’m onethose that they were describing.  I’m surely not beautiful.
Kitty:  Oh, come on, although you marriedforeigner, you’re not that bad!
Robert: meanthink my girlfriendvery prettycute.  She has these red cheeks,her silk hair has been evenly5 cut.  Very pretty, very charming6.
Kitty:   (laughing) Chinese don’t notice that sortthing at all.  Amy, whatthat saying7?
Amy:  Beautyineyesthe beholder8.
Kitty:  Yeah, that’s right.  Magic love.


 4   WordsExpressions
. target  靶子;攻击目标
2. talkative 喜欢说话,健谈 
3. haggle   (在价格方面)争论
4. perception 感知,感觉;察觉
5. shouting match 大声嚷嚷争吵 
6. exaggerate 夸张,使增大
7. natural  做作,自然
8.and from来回地;往返地
9. rush hour (下班时)高锋时间
0. squeeze in  榨出,挤出
. butt 屁股
2.fear of   因恐
3. grope暗中摸,抚摸...身体
4. criterion  标准,准则,尺度
5. evenly 平等地;均匀地
6. charming 迷人;魅力
7. saying 格言,警句,谚语
8. beholder 观看者;旁观者



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