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Lesson 1:been here a long time already


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Unit    DifferencesCultureCustoms

One    You must have been herelong time already.

A   Beingtimeconsidered good manners.  It’s not politebe lateclasses, meetings, or appointments.  When we do business with foreigners, make sure notbe late.  Foreigners keep punctual time.  Punctuality can greatly increase your credibility, too.

B  In America, it’s impolitecall someone’s home very earlythe morning or very late at night unless therean emergency.  For example, 8 A.M.considered too early0 P.M.considered too late.  Especiallyweekends, many people likestay up lateget up late.  So make sure notdisturb people who may be resting or sleeping.

 2   Sample Sentences
.  She was heremoment ago.
2.  Don’t worry, your father will come back afterwhile.
别担心, 你爸爸会就回来。
3.  The rent should be paidadvance.
4.  We must hurry up if we wantbe theretime.
5. wishcould stay here another month.
6. thinkcan havedonea couplehours.
7.  Do you rentcamera byhour or byday?
8. was five minutes latework this morning.
9.  Your watchten minutes aheadtimeyou’re still late.
0.  He always leaves work at sixthe dot.  He won’t work an extra minute.     他六点钟总准时下班。他会多工作分钟。

 3   Conversations.
A Chinese girlcaught atsubway station by heavy rain.  Shesupposedmeet her friend, Hans,the lobbythe Garden Hotel at :00 A.M., but she doesn’t havewatch, so she decidesaskmanthe time.
Girl:  Excuse me, Sir, do you know what timeis?
Man:  Oh, it’s almost eleven twenty. 
Girl:  Thank you.
Man:  You’re welcome.  The rainquite heavy, isn’t it?
Girl:  Yeah. wasa hurry andforgot my umbrella today.
Man: have one.  We could share it.  Which way are you going?
Girl:  Oh, that’s very kindyou. am goingthe Garden Hotel.
Man: am going there, too.  We can walk together.
Girl:  Sure.

Helpful Information: 
Timeweatherthe topic that two strangers often beginconversation. Usually people beginknow each other by this way. 

2.  Inlobby. Hans:  Hi, Cindy. thought I’d missed you.
Girl:  Oh,am very sorry, Hans.  Thank youwaitingme.  You must have been herelong time already. 
Hans:  It’s all right.
Girl: was caughtthe heavy rain, orwould have come earlier. am sorrykept you waiting.
Hans: wasa comfortable place, so really, it’s no problem. am happysee you.  Didrain hold you up long?
Girl:  Yes.  Whencame outthe subway,was raining catsdogs. Andforgot my umbrella. Sohadwaitthe rainlet up2.
Hans:  totally understand.


Helpful Information:Things don’t often happenway we expect.  We may misslotimportant thingslife, but we shouldn’t missunderstandingone another.


3.  GaryEvelyn are boyfriendgirlfriend.  They’re goingseemovie togethercampus.  They’re supposedmeetfrontthe theater at fiveseven, five minutes beforemovie starts.  And now it’s seven o’clockGary still hasn’t appeared.  She decideslookhim atapartment.  (Evelynknockingdoor.)
Gary:  Come in, come in!
Evelyn:  Hi, Gary, what happened?was waitingyou attheater. Why didn’t you meet me there?
Gary: thought we were supposedmeet HERE.
Evelyn:  Don’t you know our movie starts at seven? And we were goingmeet attheater at fiveseven. Thendoesn’t make sense3meet atapartment.
Gary:  I’m sorry. We must have misunderstood each other.
Evelyn:  Why don’t you trybe clearer about your intentions4?
Gary:  You’re right. am sorry.  Let’s gowatchmovie.
Evelyn:  It’s okay. don’t wantgo now.  We’ve already missed ten minutesthe movie. don’t wantseemovie without watchingbeginning.


4. Sorry I’m late.
A high-school student from Brazilvisiting several American universities5 with her parents.  They are waitingseedeana small collegeMaine.

Father: see you've brought somethingoccupy your time while we wait.  Good.  We may be herelong time.
Isabel: Yes, Papa. broughtcatalog6the next college we're goingvisit--the oneNew Hampshire.
Mother:  Maybe we won't havewait long.  We've only been here fifteen minutes.
Isabel:  I'm not usedthe way they treat time here.  They wouldn't see me at that placeMassachusetts yesterday. missedappointment becausewas forty-five minutes late.  That's no time at all backBrazil.
Father:  It’s just that North Americans pay more attentionexact times.  They're very punctual7 people.
Mother: I think that if you're more than thirty minutes late, you haveapologizeexplain what delayed you.
Father:  Our appointment with this deanfor three-fifteen. My watch says three-thirty.  I'm sure we’re not late.
(The dean comes outhis office.)
Dean:  Isabel?  Come in.  Sorrykept you waiting. We're runninglittle behind schedule8 today.


 4  WordsExpression
. hold up  阻碍,拦截
2. let up 减少,暂停,减缓
3. make sense  使人懂,合理
4. intention 意图,意向,目 
5. university  大寝室,团体寝室
6. catalog 目录;目录册,目录簿
7. punctual 严守时刻;准时
8. behind schedule 落后于预计时间 


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